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Timothy Summers

Executive Director of Cloud and Advanced Networkat Arizona State University, University Technology Office
United States

Dr. Timothy C. Summers is a seasoned, high-impact executive with broad strategic perspective and a proven track record in growing businesses, delivering solutions to problems, and developing and executing sound internal processes from the ground up. He is an ethical hacker, professor, frequent media commentator, TED speaker, and consulted expert internationally recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on cyber strategy, blockchain, normal chaos, and how hackers think. He is a trusted adviser and executive consultant to Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, and governments worldwide. Timothy specializes in the scholarship and practice of hacker cognitive psychology (the hacker’s mindset) and normal chaos paradigm enabling him to advise on building and sustaining organizations during times of uncertainty. Dr. Summers is an executive scholar with an in-depth understanding of disruptive technologies and their strategic applications, as well as international business expertise, having conducted business in North America, the UK, Europe, Africa, and Asia. He is a motivated self-starter who has developed a thriving, reputable consulting practice that is considered among the best in the world while maintaining a dedication to community service.