María Antonia González Valerio

Prof. Arte+Ciencia, UNAM
Mexico City,
Focus area: Art History, Biology, Cultural Practices, Social Practice, Environmental Art, Eco Art, Land Art, Writing, Literature, Poetry

María Antonia González Valerio, PhD in Philosophy, full professor at the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. She works within the ontology-aesthetics research line and within the interdisciplinary line of arts, sciences and humanities. Director of the research group Arte+Ciencia, which brings together artists, academics and scientists to work interdisciplinarily producing postgraduate education, specialized theoretical research, artistic creation and exhibitions.
Leader of the research project "Media and Species: Ecology and Evolution in Natural Philosophy" linked to the Faculties of Sciences and Philosophy and Literature at UNAM.
Books (selection): El arte develado (Mexico: Herder, 2005); Un tratado de ficción (Mexico:
Herder, 2010); (Ed.) Pròs Bíon: Reflexiones naturales sobre arte, ciencia y filosofía (Mexico:
UNAM, 2015); Cabe los límites. Escritos sobre filosofía natural desde la ontología
estética  (Mexico: UNAM/Herder, 2016); (Ed.) Arte y estética en la filosofía de Arthur Danto
(Mexico: Herder, 2018).