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Giusy Pirrotta

Professorat MIUR
Focus area: Analog, Art History, Design, Environmental Art, Eco Art, Land Art, Fabrication, Maker Art, Sculpture, Spacial, Video, Film

Giusy Pirrotta is an artist and researcher who lives and works in Milan, her work comprises the use ceramic, film, video, photography, and the design of wallpaper and textile to create immersive installations which investigate the perception activity of the viewer and question the use of light in relation to sculpture. Her research aims to expand the borders between disciplines such as art, craft, design and moving image, subverting the pre-established use of a specific medium or language in the art practice.

Her work stems from the use of analogue media, that she employed to explore the materiality of moving image and the sculptural quality of light during her Master at Central Saint Martin College of Arts and Design in London. She completed her PhD project titled "Moving Image and the Space around the Frame: Time-based Installations and Forms of Experience" as a researcher at UCA University for the Creative Arts/University of Brighton, UK. 

Her current research interests focus on the relationship between diverse creative languages and novel display solutions, and how this interaction is creating a hybrid system of moving image installation-based works in contemporary art.

Journal Articles:
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Moving Image and the Space around the Frame: Time-Based Installations and Forms of Experience

October 2020