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Adam Stieg

Associate Directorat University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles,
United States
Focus area: Chemistry, STEAM, Pedagogy, Education

Adam Stieg is a Research Scientist and Associate Director of CNSI responsible for oversight of the Institute’s six Technology Centers – a collection of open-access user facilities that foster innovation across disciplines, facilitate university collaborations with industry, and aid in the rapid commercialization of discoveries by supporting over 5000 researchers from academia and industry. Dr. Stieg earned his B.S. in Chemistry from Drew University and his Ph.D. in Inorganic/Physical Chemistry from UCLA. As a scientist and educator, Dr. Stieg’s research seeks to bridge the gap between our fundamental understanding of nanomaterials and how these systems tend toward complexity at mesoscopic scales. By applying high-performance measurement systems to the rational design of functional nanosystems and architectures, Dr. Stieg strives to address modern challenges renewable energy, developmental biology, and neuromorphic computing.  His research activities are augmented by collaborations with artists and designers on projects and public exhibitions that explore the creative underpinnings of the scientific process as a fundamental ingredient of innovation.