Maximilian Haarich

Ambassadorat Republic of Užupis
Focus area: Analog, , Art History, AI (Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Fakes), Augmented Reality, Biology, Computer Science, Engineering, , Performance Art, Theater Studies, Sociology

Max Haarich is a Munich-based freelance consultant on ethics in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ambassador of the Republic of Užupis. He studied communication science in Aachen (DE) and political theory in New York (US), and worked as a research assistant on innovative capability and general AI. During his time as a manager at Europe’s leading innovation and start-up center UnternehmerTUM, he founded the Munich Embassy of the Lithuanian artist republic Užupis. The embassy builds bridges between arts and technology and engages in policy making for ethical AI. Since 2020 Max Haarich is director of the Užupis University's Institute for Applied Paradox, where he develops mind games and seeing excercises to explore the unthinkable.