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Greg Harper

Principalat Harper & Armstrong, LLP
United States

Greg Harper is an attorney and a politician. His formal education consists of a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and BA in Economics, both from the University of Illinois. His graduate work focused on Artificial Intelligence at San Jose State University and culminated with a JD from the University of California at Hastings. He is the Principal of Harper & Associates, a law firm specializing in contract and land use law. Since 2000, Harper has served in the elected political position as Director of the Alameda-Contra Costa County Transit District for Ward 2, representing approximately 300,000 citizens of Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland and Piedmont, California.  From 1991 to 1997 he served as aboard member of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. On Board of Directors for the Transbay Joint Powers Agency developing the new multi-modal transit station for San Francisco. His numerous political positions and appointments include the position of Mayor of Emeryville from 1990–1991. Harper is excited about exploring the rarified intersection of art and pure science. His interests are in determining how Leonardo/ISAST might benefit from its more grounding correlative of the intersection of art and applied sciences or engineering. Having served previously as Leonardo/ISAST’s President and Board Chair, he currently serves as Treasurer and Legal Counsel.