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Andrew Denton

Associate Professorat Auckland University of Technology
New Zealand
Focus area: Dance, Choreography

Associate Professor Andrew Denton (PhD) works in the postgraduate department in the School of Art and Design at Auckland University of Technology, lecturing on Research Methods and Cinematic Arts. He is a member of the university’s Research Ethics Committee (Faculty Rep). Andrew is co-chair of the Auckland Laser Talks series and has a transdisciplinary practice that spans art-science and art-education contexts. His research engages with non-human design ethics and climate emergency — harnessing affective modes of filmmaking that challenge cinematic modes indexically through aesthetic devices which distort and recalibrate viewers' experience of time and space. Through material affects, the works aim to evoke a space of contemplation, uneasiness, and sadness, engaging with the residual and stratified signs of our collective impact on our environment. 
His practice challenges the 'cinematic' indexically (through aesthetic devices which distort and recalibrate viewers' experience of time and space), harnessing affective approaches to cinematic making and thinking. These approaches manifest in works invested in the ecological (land, air, ocean), and the body (dance). The dance works are collaborative and experiment with technology and performance – specifically dance integrated with live cinema, motion capture and virtual reality technology. 
Alongside his practice-based research, he is committed to developing postgraduate curricula, applying an approach to learning and teaching that seeks to enable meaningful research practices that are agile, responsive and collaborative. He has presented and published papers and chapters on creative-based pedagogical approaches and project-based curriculum design, locally and internationally.
Andrew lectures on practice-based Research Methods, Contextual Review, Design for Social Impact, and Cinematic Arts – and supervises Doctoral and Masters projects.