Martin Skrodzki RIKEN

Martin Skrodzki (TU Delft, The Netherlands), Dr. rer. nat., is a
Walter-Benjamin postdoctoral fellow of the German Research Foundation
(DFG) at TU Delft. After studying mathematics and computer science at TU
Dortmund University, Texas A&M International University, and Freie
Universität Berlin, Martin received his Dr. rer. nat. in Mathematics
from Freie Universität Berlin, Germany in 2019 under the supervision of
Prof. Polthier and Prof. Levin. He was a postdoc at the Institute for
Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics (ICERM) at Brown
University and at the interdisciplinary Theoretical and Mathematical
Sciences Program (iTHEMS) at RIKEN. Martin's research interests are set
between Computer Science and Mathematics. He is mainly concerned about
all issues related to point sets, which includes both low- and
high-dimensional data as well as their processing and visualizations.
Furthermore, his interests also revolve around different connections
between mathematics and arts, which he follows up on as associate editor
of the Journal of Mathematics and the Arts. Finally, he is a frequent
workshop leader in the sector of "AI Education" for IMAGINARY.