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Antony Nevin

Senior Lecturer, Co-coordinator, Visual Communication Designat Wellingtyon School of Design. Massey University
New Zealand
Focus area: AI (Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Fakes)

Antony's creative practice is centred on collaborative, transdisciplinary projects focused on biomedicine, artificial intelligence, and the ethics of science, which harness the creative potential of design empowering science and science empowering design. As a transdisciplinary design researcher and educator Antony is passionate about the role that a scientifically well-educated and curious population can play in addressing 21st Century social, scientific, and cultural challenges. His transdisciplinary creative practice explores ways in which spatiality, scale and materiality can intervene in and generate experiences that communicate human, nonhuman and more-than-human perspectives and realities. Enabling these to be revealed and understood through the felt experience alongside the intellectual.
Antony co-directs the Visual Communication Design programme at the Wellington School of Design.
He designed The Uncanny Valley Of Breath for the Science Gallery, Dublin, as part of their BIAS programme. The Uncanny Valley Of Breath is an immersive installation that shows the innate biases in AI by exposing the subtle boundaries in human speech. Breath.
Antony received a New Zealand Government Curious Minds award in 2020 for developing BIOLUMENLAB, an immersive, experiential discovery environment which combines science with creative technology and design. He was the 2019 Artist in Residence at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine in Barcelona. Antony has exhibited in Spain, Czech Republic, Australia, USA, Norway, Ireland, New Zealand.