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Raquel G. Wilner

Research Assistantat Kristiania University College
Focus area: Art History

Raquel is an independent art historian, who specializes in interdisciplinary approaches to art, in particular psychology. She is an assistant professor and research assistant at Kristiania University College, where she also lectures on cognition, art, design, and evolution. She is also a regular guest lecturer on evolution and sexuality at Oslo Metropolitan University. She has an MA and Graduate Diploma in History of Art from the Courtauld Institute of Art.

Raquel is a leader in the research group Cognition & Art at Kristiania University College. She is a project leader for GINA (Gender in Norwegian Art), which focuses on perception and gender differences in art.

Journal Articles:
General Articles

Pareidolia and the Pitfalls of Subjective Interpretation of Ambiguous Images in Art History

December 2021