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Nadav Drukker

Professor of Theoretical Physicsat King's College London
United Kingdom
Focus area: Math, Math Theory, Physics, Sculpture, Spacial

Simultaneously an artist and a scientist, these two facets of me get fused in my ceramics.

As a theoretical physicist I teach and research the deepest mysteries of the universe. As an artist, I create sculptural pieces whose purpose it to mirror the creativity of scientific pursuit in art. My works represent specific research projects with the forms and designs inspired by my research, from mathematical spaces, physical constructs to graphs of phase diagrams. The pieces are inscribed by words and formulas taken from my science. At times they are rough ideas and calculations and at others refined results of my research. The artistic language serves to exemplify the stage of research by using varried materials, from coarse stoneware to pure white porcelain and the decoration techniques span incision, inlay, cutting, oxides, glazing and gilding.

My research, within the topic of string theory, the most fundamental hypothetical theory of nature, is very abstract. It is studied by only a handful of specialists and my art aims to convey how science creates knowledge so the viewers need not decipher the formulas, rather they should be viewed as cuneiforms or hieroglyphs. I aspire to present the language of mathematics as beautiful and holding knowledge encouraging further exploration.

Journal Articles:

Representing Theoretical Physics Research in and on Ceramics

August 2021