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Manash Paul

scientistat University of California Los Angeles
Los Angeles,
United States
Focus area: Biology, Medicine, Physiology, Heath

Manash K. Paul is a Scientist working in the field of lung stem cell homeostasis and lung cancer. He performs multicolor labeling experiments by sequentially incubating cells with primary and secondary antibody-fluorophore conjugate to mark specific proteins in cancer tissue, a process called multiplex-immunofluorescence. He then takes multicolor Immunofluorescence images of the stained slides to decipher the mechanism of carcinogenesis. 


Creativity has been his driving force for his development; hence apart from research, he indulges himself into painting and photography. He wishes to convey his creative thought processes in the form of 2D and 3D painting or sculpture. He has participated in several group art exhibitions and has contributed to public installations like mural and sculpture.