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Jiabao Li

Artistat Independent
San Francisco,
United States
Focus area: AI (Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Fakes), Augmented Reality, Climate, Atmospheric Science, Data Art, Science, Design, Digital Art, New Media, Environmental Art, Eco Art, Land Art, Fabrication, Maker Art, Fine Arts 2D, Fine Arts 3D, Generative Practices, Generative Art, Illustration, Painting, 2D Forms, Net Art, Public Art, Robotics, Electronics, Site Specific, Place Making, Social Media, Social Networks, Telepresence, UX, UI Design, Video, Film, Visual Culture, Visual Studies, Wearables,Connected self

Working at the intersection of emerging technology, art, and design, Jiabao Li creates new ways for humans to perceive the world. She works across nature, humans’ designed environment, and belief structures and creates works addressing climate change, humane technology, and a just, sustainable future. Her mediums include wearable, robot, AR/VR, projection, performance, software, installation.

In Jiabao’s TED Talk, she uncovered how technology mediates the way we perceive reality. At Apple, she invents and explores new technologies for future products. She graduated from Harvard Graduate School of Design with a Master of Design in Technology with Distinction and best thesis award.

Jiabao is the recipient of numerous awards, including iF Design Award, NEA, STARTS Prize, Fast Company, Core77, IDSA, AACYF 30 Under 30. Her work has been exhibited internationally, at Ars Electronica, SIGGRAPH, Milan and Dubai Design Week, ISEA, Anchorage Museum, OCAT Contemporary Art Terminal, CHI, Donghu Shan Art Museum, MOOD Museum of Design. Her work has been featured on Yahoo, TechCrunch, Domus, CCTV, Yanko Design, Fast Company, Harvard Political Review, The National, Business Insider, Bloomberg, Leonardo, and South China Morning Post.

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July 2019