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Eathan Janney

Co-Founderat The Edge Of Company, Inc
Eathan Janney
United States
Focus area: Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Neuroaesthetics

Eathan Janney is a polymath whose work spans multiple domains, including music, art, science, and business. He earned his PhD in Neuroscience in 2015, and then shifted focus to produce interdisciplinary creative and entrepreneurial works. He is the generative force behind Spirit Seed NFTs, an inspiring digital art collaboration with fellow Djerassi resident alumna Nicole Buffett that offsets carbon emissions equal to that of 100 Americans for one year. The Spirit Seed project is one of many endeavors born out of The Edge Of Company. Eathan co-founded "Edge Of," a forward-thinking media, events, and tech company that empowers pioneers in web3, tech, and culture. They produce the #1 NFT Podcast and the acclaimed Outer Edge LA innovation festival. In addition to his formal jazz piano training, Eathan is a Registered Piano Technician with 22 years of experience and runs two thriving businesses serving the piano industry.

Journal Articles:

Interactive Musical Display of Quantum Dot Emission Spectra

October 2016