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Garth Paine

Professor of Digital Sound and Interactive Mediaat Arizona State University
United States
Focus area: Computer Music, Electroacoustic Music, Sonification, Digital Culture, Experimental Music

Garth Paine (PhD) is a professor of Digital Sound and Interactive Media at the School of Arts Media and Engineering and Digital Culture program at Arizona State University where he is also a Senior Sustainability Scholar with the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability
He is internationally regarded as an innovator in the field of interactivity in experimental music and media arts. He gave the Keynote at the 2016 NIME conference 
In 2018, Garth will be researcher and artist in residence at IRCAM (Paris and ZKM (Kalshrue)
Garth's passion for sound as an exhibitable object has given rise to interactive environments where the sonic landscape is generated through gesture, presence and behavior and several music scores for dance works using realtime video tracking and bio-sensing and musical compositions that have been performed in Australia, Europe, Asia, USA, South America and the UK. 
Garth’s performance work acts as a platform for research into new interfaces for electronic music performance. He has performed at, ISEA2013, InSpace, Edinburgh, UC Davis, Luxembourg Choreographic Centre, Dance Massive, Melbourne in 2013, Ear to the Earth Festival, - John Cage Centennial Festival - NYC, (2012), SiteWorks, Bundanon (2010),Agora/Résonances Festival, Paris (2006), New York Electronic Arts Festival (2007), Liquid Architecture (2007), Aurora festival (2006, 2008), and The Australian New Music Network concert series (2008). Some of his works can be heard here and his albums are available here
Garth's current research centers on the Listen(n) Project. It focuses on Acoustic Ecology through Field Recording and community building. He has a long history of composing musical works from his field recordings and engaging in environmental work through sound. Recent examples include the Site Works project at Bundanon, Australia for which he composed the work Presence in the Landscape and his work Becoming Desert for the Listen(n) Symposium concert in 2014.