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John C. Hopkins

Media Specialistat Colorado School of Mines
United States

Dr. Hopkins is a media artist, holistic systems thinker, and learning facilitator. He holds a creative practices PhD in media studies; an MFA from CU-Boulder (where he studied film under renown experimental film-maker, Stan Brakhage); and a BSc in geophysical engineering. His trans-disciplinary research and workshops explore issues surrounding sustainable creative systems, distributed and community-based DIY processes, and developing empowered approaches to technology. His international creative practice explores the role of energy in techno-social-bio systems and the effects of technology on energized human encounter through performance, image and sound work, and writing. He has taught across more than twenty countries. The traces of his praxis may be found at http://neoscenes.net/blog/. He is currently employed at the Colorado Geological Survey where he is organizing their massive dataspace and helping turn that data into information and knowledge to share with their many constituents.