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Jules Litman-Cleper

New Media Artist and Theorist
San Francisco,
United States
Focus area: , Sound, Acoustics, Net Art, , Urban Planning, Built Environment, AI (Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Fakes), Augmented Reality, Sculpture, Spacial, Biology, Body, Self, Computer Science, Engineering, Cultural Practices, Social Practice, Design, Environmental Art, Eco Art, Land Art, Fabrication, Maker Art, Generative Practices, Generative Art, Physics, Surveillance, Security, Geography, Geo-Locative, Mapping, , Materials, Textiles Engineering, Wearables,Connected self, Video, Film, Systems, Psychology, Cognitive Studies, Writing, Literature, Poetry, Performance Art, Theater Studies, Sociology

Jules Litman-Cleper (b.1989) is a new media artist and theorist born and raised in the Bay Area, interested in unpacking simulation as a way of knowing,  the formation and deformation of patterns in organic systems, perceptual aspects of randomness, and ecologies: their flows of information, spatial dynamics and protection. These inquiries unfold through writing, visual art, mixed-media installation, sound, research and experimentation. They have taught classes and exhibited work at Krowswork, Aggregate Space, New York Studio School, with performances at The Lab, ATA, CCRMA and more.

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Earth-Centered Communication Technology: Lichen as a Model Interface

October 2021