Vidhu Aggarwal

United States

Vidhu’s poetic and multimedia practice engages with world-building, video, and comic book media. She has collaborated with John Sim’s Thirteen Flag Funerals in Orlando, FL in a community ritual around the Confederate Flag. Based on her 2016 book, The Trouble with Humpadori, she has done a series of performances as a globalized race monster, tuneless singer, and disheveled god in Los Angeles, Mumbai, Delhi, and Orlando. Her poems were the top 25 of 2016 in Boston Review. A Kundiman fellow, she is the founding editor of SPECS, a multi-media journal with issues on “Homuncular Flexibility,” “Toys,” and “Faux Histories.” With artist Bishakh Som, she has done a series of poetry/comic book collaborations anthologized widely. Her latest manuscript, Avatara, is forthcoming from Portable Press @ Yo-Yo Labs is situated in a post-apocalyptic gaming world where A.I.’s play at being gods.