clarissa ribeiro

Drat University of Fortaleza
Focus area: AI (Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Fakes), Art History, Augmented Reality, Biology, Body, Self, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Fabrication, Maker Art, Generative Practices, Generative Art, Sound, Acoustics, Urban Planning, Built Environment, Wearables,Connected self

Architect, media artist and researcher, Ph.D. in Arts (ECA USP Brazil, Poéticas Digitais/CAiiA hub of The Planetary Collegium, UK), Fulbright Postdoctoral Scholarship awardee (UCLA, Art|Sci Center/James Gimzewski Lab, US), M.Arch. (IA USP, Brazil, nomads.usp), B.Arch, member of the UCLA Art|Sci Collective (2013-present), is the chair of the first Leonardo/ISAST LASER talks to be hosted in Brazil/Latin America (2017-present). The core of her explorations is the interest in cross-scale information and communication dynamics and evolutionary emergence. Her most recent works have been exhibited in China (China Vis Arts Program 2020, Xi’An), Australia (SIGGRAPH Asia 2019, Brisbane), Europe (Planetary Collegium’s Bio-Mind and Techno-Nature exhibition, 2019, Porto) (EVAC POM – Politics of the Machine exhibition, 2019, Copenhagen), South Africa (ISEA 2018, Durban), South America (ISEA 2017, Manizales/Colombia) and in the US (IEEE VIS ART 2017, Phoenix). She is the principal of OI.SE.AU Office for Sentient Architecture and directs the CrossLab art collective and the LIP – Lab for Innovation and Prototyping.

Journal Articles:
Leonardo Gallery

IEEE VIS 2016 and 2017 Arts Program Gallery

February 2020