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Clarissa Ribeiro

Associate Professorat Roy Ascott Studio
Clarissa Ribeiro

Clarissa Ribeiro, architect, media artist and researcher, Ph.D. in Arts (ECA USP Brazil, Poéticas Digitais/CAiiA hub of The Planetary Collegium, UK), Fulbright Postdoctoral Scholarship awardee (UCLA, Art|Sci Center/James Gimzewski Lab, US), M.Arch. (IA USP, Brazil), B.Arch, member of the UCLA Art|Sci Collective (2013-present), is the chair of the first Leonardo/ISAST LASER talks to be hosted in Brazil/Latin America (2017-present) and is organizing monthly, since July 2023, the LASER talks at Roy Ascott Studio at SIVA / DeTAO in China. The core of her explorations is the interest in cross-scale information and communication dynamics that impact and shape macro-scale emergent phenomena. In her more recent projects, she explores the metaphysics of information-visualization in subversive morphogenetic strategies that welcome the animistic to navigate ecologies as cosmologies. Associate Professor at Roy Ascott Sudio in Shanghai, she was awarded the Pete Townshend Endowed Senior Lectureship in Performative Technoetics (2022). She is the principal of OI.SE.AU Office for Sentient Architecture and is a representative of the University of Fortaleza in China. She has widely published in journals and conference proceedings and her work has been exhibited  worldwide. She has been serving as a reviewer for Leonardo Journal and the Technoetic Arts Journal, the Leonardo Abstracts Service (LABS), contributing as a member of international conferences and symposium committees.

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