| Leonardo/ISASTwith Arizona State University

Drew Hemment

Leonardo Editorial Advisorat GROW Observatory
United Kingdom
Journal Articles:
General Articles

Reordering the Assemblages of the Digital through Art and Open Prototyping

October 2020
Special Issue: Pacific Rim New Media Summit Companion

Locative Arts

August 2006
Special Section: Leonardo Celebrates Leonardo da Vinci

Resurrecting Leonardo's Great Lady: A Collaboration

October 2008

Creative Assemblages: Organisation and Outputs of Practice-Led Research

February 2010

Environment 2.0: Participatory Mass Observation

April 2010
Special Section: Environment 2.0

Participatory Mass Observation and Citizen Science

February 2011
Special Section: Environment 2.0

Climate Bubbles: Games to Monitor Urban Climate

February 2011
Special Section: Environment 2.0

Biotagging Manchester: Interdisciplinary Exploration of Biodiversity

February 2011
Special Section: Environment 2.0

100 Years of Climate Change: A Night-Time Audio Walk

February 2011

Trust in Invisible Agents

October 2018

Toward Fairness, Morality and Transparency in Artificial Intelligence through Experiential AI

October 2019