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Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro

PhD researcherat University of São Paulo
Focus area: Art History, Augmented Reality, Computer Science, Engineering, Design, Net Art, Sociology, Surveillance, Security, Urban Planning, Built Environment


Art&Tech researcher, curator and multimedia artist. I have some nice experiences as project manager in the interaction design and digital art field, and that why I am always hustling. Currently I am collaborating with different teams worldwide on digital design and art field, including ARTIVIVE app, ZOAN studio, OVNI Studio, LILO.Zone, Boston Cyberarts, Digaaí Association (and others). To understand what I do and how I do, I invite you to understand my passions from three fields: digital art, academic research and education. 

I am a PhD student at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo, with research on the City as a Museological Interface. Master in Visual Arts by the Postgraduate Program in Visual Arts (PPGART / UFSM), Bachelor in Drawing and Plastic, Federal University of Santa Maria in the south of Brazil. // Research focused on the use of Mixed Reality in the exhibition media. Component of: Other Urbanisms Lab and  "Aesthetics of Memory in the XXI Century" (FAUUSP) Research Group; LABART - Research Laboratory in Contemporary Art, Technology and Digital Media and Research Group Art and Technology (University of Santa Maria).