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Jenny Rock

Research Fellowat University of Otago
New Zealand
Focus area: Biology, Climate, Atmospheric Science, Cultural Practices, Social Practice, Data Art, Science, Ecology, Environment, Environmental Art, Eco Art, Land Art, Geography, Geo-Locative, Mapping, Marine, Ocean Science, Science Theory, Philosophy, Sociology, STEAM, Pedagogy, Education, Visual Culture, Visual Studies, Writing, Literature, Poetry

I have an interdisciplinary background in science and the arts/humanities, and am an applied and academic researcher in both spaces. I hold a BA in human ecology and a PhD in zoological science, with biological research encompassing environmental physiology, molecular ecology and evolutionary genomics. I have held lectureships in social and philosophical aspects of science. My arts background has been augmented with formal coursework in visual arts, and lectureships and applied practice in social arts practice. Integrating my background in science, art and applied philosophy, much of my research now focuses on transdisciplinary approaches, where scientific and artistic practices meld. I remain a practicing collagraph artist, exhibiting work internationally, and an occationally published poet.

Journal Articles:
Special Section: ArtScience

Legitimizing Boundary Crossing for the Average Scientist: Two Cases Acknowledging How Arts Practice Informs Science

June 2019