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Willard Van De Bogart

International Project Coordinatorat Sanskrit Stuudies Center
United States
Focus area: Art History, Art Theory, Critical Theory, Astronomy, Space, Biology, Digital Art, New Media, Digital Culture, Electronic, Digital Literature, Experimental Music, Generative Practices, Generative Art, Linguistics, Music, Musicology, Performance Art, Theater Studies, Physics, Social Media, Social Networks, Sound, Acoustics, Visual Culture, Visual Studies, Writing, Literature, Poetry

Willard Van De Bogart received his Masters of Fine arts from the California Institute of Art where he studied under Morton Subotnick co-developer of the Buchla Synthesizer. Van De Bogart developed a performance ensemble, Ether Ship, using the Electronic Music Labs AKS synthesizer from the UK leading to exhibiting at the American Cultural Center on 3 Rue du Dragon in Paris, France for a piece commissioned by Don Forester, Director, for the 200th anniversary of the United States. Van De Bogart worked alongside Nicolas Schöffer, father of cybernetic art, where intricate displays of sound and light were explored. As a media consultant with NASA he was led to participating in the SETI program. Collaboration with Scot Forshaw, a quantum algorithm designer from the UK, led to exhibiting in Beijing and Shanghai, China for Roy Ascott’s Consciousness Reframed conferences. Further ideas on nano-sound led Van De Bogart to exploring the sounds produced by the newly designed protein synthesizer, Eigenprot, developed by Zhao Qin and Markus Buehler at MIT where his ideas on xenolinguistics were further expanded. Van De Bogart is a member of the Generative Systems Art and Technology Group from Chicago founded by Sonia Landy Sheridan in 1969 and is included in their recent book “Weaving Global Minds” edited by Sheridan. Van De Bogart’s videos can be found on YouTube under Ether Ship as well as sound tracks on SoundCloud. Published papers on his philosophy can be found in the Technoetic Arts Journal published by Intellect UK editor Roy Ascott. Latest issue Vol 18, No 1 Cracking God's Roof