Rebecca Hackemann

Assistant Professorat KSU
Willard Hall Manhattan,
United States
Focus area: Analog, Art History, Augmented Reality, Sociology, Urban Planning, Built Environment

Rebecca Hackemann is a British/German/American conceptual artist and writer, who works in a variety of media that are concerned with viewer interaction, perception and the construction of private and public space. She makes scially engaged public art, 3-D stereoscopic work, tintypes and works in other experimental media such as 3-D projection. She is a PhD candidate at Chelsea College of Art London and Assistant Professor of Photography at KSU. She lived for many years in New York, San Francisco and London, and has exhibited at the Whitney Museum, The Bemis Center for Art, Foley Gallery, Saatchi Gallery and Houston Center for Phtoography among many others. Her paper about the publicness of public art was published by LMJ MIT Press in 2018 (Dec).

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The Public Utteraton Machines: Recording What People Think of Public Art in New York City

December 2018
LMJ28 Audio Companion

Sonic Commentary

December 2018