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Anya Yermakova

Media Artist
Buffalo Grove ,
United States

Anna Yermakova, Buffalo Grove, IL. Media Artist. As a musician, Yermakova spends much of her time listening to, recording, playing with, composing from small sounds -- in the field and on instruments, with particular attention to {body}. Her recent work includes, a charango concerto in collaboration with Sebastián Pérez, which is based on the fundamental laws of nature producing Intense Listening performance artsci installation in Boston (intenselistening.com), assistant directing Creatures of Prometheus with Ballet Chicago, composing poly_x for 40 speakers, 2 screens and 3 dancers, and curating and performing in the "Berg sonata for piano and dancers" in New York and in Tunisia. As a scholar, she is a doctoral candidate at Harvard in History of Science and in Critical Media Practice. She researches the improvisative within mathematics, using pre-USSR mathematizing as her milieu for both archival, ethnographic, and performative research. Yermakova's history involves degrees in biochemistry, piano performance, logic, and Russian philosophy (first two at Northwestern; last two at Oxford). Pre-history involves growing up in Russia and attending an experimental primary school focused on embodied learning, as well as immigrating to the US amidst the havoc of the late 90s. She is collaborating with Chilean composer, Sebastián Pérez while in residence. www.anyayermakova.com

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