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Amy Landesberg

Media Artist
United States

Amy Landesberg, Decatur, GA. Media Artist. Landesberg is an Atlanta based artist and architect whose work overlaps this boundary in content, complexity, and scope. Two extremes of scale have characterized this work. One is the hyper-personal, intimate, and complicatedly feminine scale of, for example, Sprouts, the piece of linoleum flooring sprouting false eyelashes for the Georgia State University Eudora Welty Project; the other is the overtly public, monumental scale of Autoplast, for the San Diego Airport Rental Car Center, in which our disposition to cars is examined through a reimagining of some of their parts, or Veneers, a 600-foot-long glass installation at the Atlanta International Airport, in which images of wood grains from endangered trees are revitalized as color and image. Landesberg has had over 20 solo exhibitions to her credit and she has exhibited nationally and internationally over a nearly 30-year art career. Among numerous awards and grants she has received are grants from the National Endowment for the Arts / Southern Arts Federation in both painting and sculpture and she received the Moulton Andrus Award for Art and Architecture from the Yale School of Architecture. Her work has been collected by the High Museum of Art and numerous private collections. She has been a lecturer, visiting critic and jurist for Art Programs and Schools of Art and Architecture throughout the United States.

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