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Iain Gilchrist

Professorat University of Bristol
United Kingdom
Focus area: Medicine, Medicine, Physiology, Heath

Iain Gilchrist is Professor of Neuropsychology and Director of the Bristol Clinical Research and Imaging Centre (CRICBristol). His scientific work is in understanding how we see: how the brain takes the input to the eye and forms a full, rich and complete percept of the visual world. He has argued for many years that human vision is an active process. The eyes move to interrogate the environment and pick up information as and when it is needed. He uses a wide range of methods to study this topic including study of neurological patients, building artificial visual systems, brain imaging and human experimental studies of adults and children. He has worked with a range of artists including poets and visual artists.

School of Experimental Psychology
University of Bristol

Journal Articles:
Special Section: Science and Art: Understanding the Cross-Disciplinary Dialogue

Understanding the Cross-Disciplinary Dialogue

June 2021