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Sally Pryor

Learning Managerat Chameleon Software
Coffs Harbour,
Focus area: Body, Self, Computer Graphics, Digital Imaging, Animation, Digital Art, New Media, Electronics, Fabrication, Maker Art, Linguistics, STEAM, Pedagogy, Education, Wearables,Connected self, Writing, Literature, Poetry

Dr Sally Pryor is an Australian writer and artist, working with a range of media including computer animation, electronics and interactive multimedia. She has diverse expertise: in biochemistry, IT, moving image, communication and technology.

As a pioneering 3D computer animator in the early 1980s, the author of “Thinking of oneself as a computer” in 1990 and the creator of an internationally award-winning CD-ROM, “Postcard from Tunis” in 1997, Sally continually bridges the changing boundaries between communication, art, technology and science. 

More recently she has tackled Integrationism, a ground-breaking theory of language and communication that provides an exciting, if challenging, approach to innovation at the human-computer interface.  Woven through most of Sally’s work is a developing awareness of gender. Sally’s latest work, “Carrot on stick” is a robotic, Arduino-based piece, exploring the addiction to screens.

See also Sally Pryor, "Thinking of Oneself as a Computer," Leonardo 24, No. 5, 585-590 (1991).

Journal Articles:

Ephemeron—Sculpting a Collective Consciousness and Mapping a Collaborative Process

October 2010