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- Stelarc

Performance and Installation Artistat -
United States
Focus area: Body, Self, Performance Art, Theater Studies, Robotics, Electronics

Stelarc is an Australian performance artist. His projects incorporate Prosthetics, Robotics, Medical Imaging and Biotechnology. He has performed, exhibited, and presented nationally and internationally in Europe, Japan, the USA and South America.
His performances and projects explore alternative anatomical architectures. He has performed with a Third Hand, an Extended Arm, a Stomach Sculpture and Exoskeleton, a 6-legged walking robot and a Prosthetic Head.  Fractal Flesh, Ping Body and Parasite explore remote and involuntary choreography using muscle stimulation systems. In 2006 an Ear on Arm was surgically constructed, that will be internet enabled. ForPropel, 2015, the body was attached to the end of an industrial robot arm and the body’s trajectory, velocity and position/orientation could be precisely programmed In 2016, for the Radical Ecologies exhibition, at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, for 5 days, 6 hours every day he could only see with the eyes of someone on London, could only hear with the ears of someone in NY, but anyone, anywhere could access his right arm and remotely actuate it. StickMan, 2017,  is a minimal but full-body exoskeleton that algorithmically actuates the body in a 5 hour performance. In a recent iteration, visitors could insert their own choreography by bending the limbs of a miniStickMan. Commissioned for the 2020 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art at the Art Gallery of South Australia, Reclining StickMan is a 9m long, 4m high robot that is algorithmically actuated and can be remotely controlled with online interactivity. For the Science Gallery, Melbourne an 8m high, 8m diameter anthropomorphic machine is now being constructed. Actuated by pneumatic rubber muscles, the installation will generate swarm behaviour actuated by the participant’s gestures, both locally and remotely. 
In 1996 he became an Honorary Professor of Art and Robotics, Carnegie Mellon University and in 2002 was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws by Monash University. In 2010 he was awarded the Ars Electronica Golden Nica Hybrid Arts Prize. In 2015 he received the Australia Council’s Emerging and Experimental Arts Award. In 2016 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the Ionian University, Corfu. His artwork is represented by Scott Livesey Galleries, Melbourne. www.stelarc.org