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Journal Articles:
Special Section: Environment 2.0

Dialectics of Nature: Metabolic Architectures Meet Intelligent Guerrilla Beehives

October 2020
Leonardo Reviews

Index Architecture

April 2004
Leonardo Reviews

Els Altres Arquitectes (The Other Architects)

August 2004
Leonardo Reviews

A Thing in Disguise: The Visionary Life of Joseph Paxton

October 2004
Artists' Articles

A System of Digital-Botanic Architecture

February 2005
Artists' Statements

The Genetic Creation of Bioluminescent Plants for Urban and Domestic Use

February 2007
Special Section: Lovely Weather: Art and Climate Change

Architecture as Nature: A Biodigital Hypothesis

October 2009
General Note

Alan Turing's Drawings, Autopoiesis and Can Buildings Think?

June 2014