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Anthony Chmiel

Casual Academicat UNSW
Focus area: Computer Science, Engineering, Psychology, Cognitive Studies, Sound, Acoustics

Anthony Chmiel is a PhD Candidate and Casual Academic at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, as well as an active musician with over a decade of expererience in the industry. He has published research in a number of areas in empirical musicology and music psychology, such as music aesthetics, voice acoustics/performance practices, and methods for automated music recommendation systems and audio digitisation.
In addition to this, he has taught the following courses at UNSW Sydney: MUSC 4102 - Critical Practice in Music; MUSC 1603 - Materials and Structures of Music 2; MUSC 3201 - Psychology of Music.

Journal Articles:
Articles and Notes

Using Psychological Principles of Memory Storage and Preference to Improve Music

December 2018