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Colette Tron

Artistic directorat Alphabetville
Focus area: Art History, Art Theory, Critical Theory, Digital Art, New Media, Digital Culture, Electronic, Digital Literature, Net Art, Performance Art, Theater Studies, Telepresence, Urban Planning, Built Environment, Video, Film, Visual Culture, Visual Studies, Writing, Literature, Poetry

Born in 1968 in Marseille, France. Studies in communication and language. Having an activity as a journalist and critic since twenty years, she is currently working as an author and poet, using different mediums of communication of language and in questioning their function experimenting with creation that is specific to each one. She participates, in different countries, in collective projects using electronic and digital technologies, and organizes or takes part in colloquiums with forms of art and the digital as their theme. By founding the association Alphabetville in 2000, she has created a place of reflection around the relations between language and the media, technic and art, aesthetic and society, and tries to articulate the practice and theory by dialoguing with the artists, researchers and cultural operators involved in order to create a new critic and updated theoretical appoaches related to digital transformations in the artistic production process, and by publishing the results of these researches. She has directed two books and published many papers. Colette Tron is also a member of Ars industrialis, an international organization founded by the french philosopher Bernard Stiegler.

Journal Articles:

Bernard Stiegler, la technique, la culture et le temps: Une introduction à l’œuvre

August 2021

Ars and Organological Inventions in Societies of Hyper-Control

October 2016