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Rachel Strickland

Videographerat Spontaneous Cinema
San Francisco,
United States
Focus area: Analog, , Urban Planning, Built Environment, Augmented Reality, Design, Environmental Art, Eco Art, Land Art, Video, Film

I make films to understand architecture. My practice has focused on cinematic dimensions of the sense of place, the animate and ephemeral dimensions of architectural space, and new paradigms for narrative construction in digital media.  Places—like stories, but different—are structures of communication and collective memory. A place is an organization, and memory is often an articulation of space. My work’s peregrination has included design explorations with early VR technology, multistream video/sound works that merge architectural space with cinematic composition, transdisciplinary pedagogy, and experimental videography that spans documentary, ethnographic, and interactive genres. The intention is to invent a cinematic language of place, captured in multiple perspectives and arranged with reference to a mobile viewpoint that is propelled by feet. 

Journal Articles:
General Article

Walk-in Theater: Interaction Design for a Miniature Experience with Peripatetic Cinema

October 2018