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Tania Fraga

Drat Atelier Tania Fraga
Sao Paulo,
Focus area: Architecture, Digital Art, New Media, Fine Arts 3D, Generative Practices, Generative Art, Net Art, Optics, Visual Perception, Photography, Sculpture, Spacial, Site Specific, Place Making, Telepresence, Virtual Reality

Tania Fraga is an artist, architect, and designer. In her work, she creates sensitive and poetic three-dimensional domains presented as virtual and material realities. They result from the integration between art and science showing glimpses of their relationship with numbers. Therefore, it explains their dynamic harmonies, their implicit relationships, their infinite variations, their topological weaving, their becoming, for they are sensitive expressions of a sublime and transcendental universe of dreams expressed through mathematical correlations. With considerable academic training, compulsive creativity, extensive awards, she has participated in exhibitions, shows, conferences, and publications around the world, for the past 43 years.