I-Lien Ho


Dr. I-Lien Ho is a performance artist and researcher, with degrees from MA in Performance Studies in Tisch school of the Arts at New York University, MPhil in Chinese Studies at the University of Cambridge, PhD in Performance Practice at the University of Exeter with the university full scholarship. Her practice-based PhD is entitled 'Performing Kongwu’s (空無, Emptiness, Nothingness) Attitude language, time and self: Responding to Nam June Paik, John Cage, and Marina Abramovic’. Previously she taught in the undergraduate Drama at NYU, drama department at the University of Exeter, performing arts department at Shu-te University. Currently she is the assistant professor in the Department of Theatre Arts at National Sun Yat-sen University in Taiwan. Her interests of practice and research are poetics and politics of intermedia and intercultural performance, Eastern philosophy, particularly the concept of Kongwu into performance.

Journal Articles:

Poem without Language: When a Writing Becomes Traceless

February 2018