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Brian Burnham

Reseach Fellowat University of Aberdeen
United Kingdom
Focus area: Computer Graphics, Digital Imaging, Animation, Geography, Geo-Locative, Mapping, Geoscience, Geology

My name is Brian, and I am currently a Research Fellow at the University of Aberdeen, interested in quantitatively characterising and analysing 3D geometry and architecture from 3D digital geological models. The data gleamed from these models are used primarily in subsurface characterisation of reservoirs, but also serve as input into how depositional and geological processes have affected these rocks through geologic time.

Previously, I received a B.A. in Geosciences and Arts & Technology from the University of Texas at Dallas where I was working with both digital artists and geologists to develop methods to analyse and visualise photorealistic models of outcrop data.

Upon graduating with my Masters, I decided I wanted to explore more of what 3D geological modelling had to offer the geosciences, and ultimately lead me to pursue and complete a PhD at The University of Manchester. The PhD took me all over the world from South America to Spain and back again. This ultimately led to a fortuitous trip to California that opened my eyes to the world of sandstone intrusions, and my current position as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Sand Injection Research Group at the University of Aberdeen.  My time during the PhD and currently as a Research Fellow has only further strengthened my desire to continue to find unique solutions to scientific and geologic questions.

Furthermore, the collaborations with artists and scientists that I’ve been involved with were scientifically interesting, artistically innovating and wholly fulfilling. It is my belief that adequate and effective dissemination of scientific information is fundamentally linked with artistic expression of interpretation and representation of facts and new discoveries. Because of this I will continue to pursue these ventures and welcome any projects that come along.

Journal Articles:

Three Dimensional Visualization of Complex Environmental Data Sets of Variable Resolution

June 2013