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Hamilton Mestizo

Coordinationat Complutense University of Madrid
Hamilton Mestizo's portrait
Focus area: Biology

PhD in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid (2023), investigates transdisciplinary creation from the relationship between art, science and technology from its sociocultural impact, assuming a critical, aesthetic and/or purposeful perspective. His artistic practice is complemented by research on the use and development of technology as well as the praxis of science in a creative way through the development of experimental pedagogical initiatives in universities, schools, cultural centres and museums. His work explores and combines microbiology, biotechnology, citizen science, plastic and visual arts, digital and biological prototyping, and software and hardware development, for the creation of pieces, installations, and artistic projects.  
He is currently running the «BioCrea: Open Laboratory of Creative Biology » program aimed at developing educational activities related to biology "do it yourself" and biohacking. He worked at Parque Explora Medellín (2016-2017) where, with a multidisciplinary team, he designed and planned the program and activities in the «Exploratorio (Laboratory and Public Workshop for Public Experimentation)«. From 2007 to 2014, he was a professor of biotechnology and physical computing in the Department of Design and Architecture (2008-2012) and the Department of Art (2014) at Javeriana University Bogota and in the Department of Cinema of National University of Colombia (2007). In addition, he has participated with different public-private institutions developing strategies and advice in pedagogy and education.
He has participated in many exhibitions, meetings and festival worldwide: Loutek (Casa Hoffmann, Bogotá, 2023); Festival Domolleno (Bogotá, 2021); Homo Ludens Caixa Forum (Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, 2021-22); Piksel Festival (Bergen, 2020); Biosummit 3.0 (Boston MIT Media Lab, 2019); Siggraph Art Gallery (Los Angeles, 2017); GOSH – Gathering for Open Science Hardware (Santiago de Chile, 2017); interactivos´16?: Mundos Posibles Medialab Prado (Madrid, 2016); rural.scapes (Brasil, 2015); Festival Internacional de la Imagen ( Manizales, 2015); Centro de Cultura Digital CCD (México, 2014); ISEA sur-south (Sydney, 2013); Balance-Unbalance (Noosa, 2013); Maker Fair (London, 2013); Pixelache (Helsinki-Tallinn, 2013); Plataforma (Bogotá, 2012); Labsurlab ( Quito, 2012); Culturadigital (Rio De Janeiro, 2011); Deus Ex Media (Santiago, 2011); Interactivos?10:neigburhoodscience Medialab Prado (Madrid, 2010); VIDA Art and Artificial Life International Awards (Spain, 2007), among others.