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Hamilton Mestizo

Coordinationat Medialab-Prado
Focus area: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Design, Environmental Art, Eco Art, Land Art, Fabrication, Maker Art, Generative Practices, Generative Art, Sculpture, Spacial, STEAM, Pedagogy, Education, Systems, Wearables,Connected self

Hamilton Mestizo. Artist, cultural manager, researcher. Bogotá (1983). His work is developed from a transdisciplinary perspective that explores the edges between art, technology and science, critically inspecting theirs sociocultural and ecological implications. His research explores the creative use and development of (bio) technology, scientific instrumentation, new media and the practice of science since viewpoints from art and design practices. Accordingly, He develops art pieces, installations and projects which are derived from the experimentation with different technicals and methods, mixing electronics, computing, robotics, biotechnology, fine arts, digital prototyping, new media, crafts, among others. In the last decade, Mestizo has been part of many projects, with different public-private institutions such as universities, schools, cultural centers and museums, to develop strategies in pedagogical initiatives and formal/informal education and citizen science.


He currently coordinates the project"BioCrea, Open Space of Creative Biology" at Medialab-Prado, and studies a PhD in Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain (2019). He worked at Parque Explora Medellín (2016-2017) where, with a multidisciplinary team, he designed and planned the program and activities in the “Exploratorio (Public Laboratory and Public Experimentation Workshop)“. From 2007 to 2014 he had taught classes in biotechnology and physical computing in the Department of Design and Architecture (2008-2012) and Art Department (2014) at the Javeriana University and hypermedia in the Film Department of the National University of Colombia ( 2007), both in Bogotá Colombia. In addition, Mestizo is linked to collectives and groups of artists and scientists such as Surófona Radio, La Poeta Soundsystema, syntechbio, iGem Madrid, GOSH and biohacking Colombia.