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Will Luers

Scholarly Assistant Professorat Washington State University Vancouver
United States
Focus area: Digital Art, New Media

Will Luers is digital media artist and writer living in Portland,Oregon. In the Creative Media & Digital Culture program at Washington State University Vancouver, he teaches multimedia authoring, creative programming, digital storytelling and digital cinema. His art has been exhibited internationally and selected for various festivals and conferences, including the Electronic Literature Organization, FILE(Brazil) and ISEA. The generative e-lit work novelling, a collaboration with Hazel Smith and Roger Dean, won the 2018 Robert Coover Award for Electronic Literature.

Journal Articles:
Leonardo Reviews

Poetic Cinema and the Spirit of the Gift in the Films of Pabst, Parajanov, Kubrick and Ruiz

June 2023
Leonardo Reviews

The Digital Image and Reality: Affect, Metaphysics and Post-Cinema

October 2022
Leonardo Reviews

We are in Open Circuits: Writings by Nam June Paik

June 2022
Leonardo Reviews

The Webcam as an Emerging Cinematic Medium

October 2020
Leonardo Reviews

At the Borders of Sleep: On Liminal Literature by Peter Schwenger. University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, MN, U.S.A., 2012. 176 pp. Trade, paper. ISBN: 978-0-8166-7975-1; 978-0-8166-7976-8

April 2014
Leonardo Reviews

The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online

April 2016
Leonardo Reviews

The Ordinary Man of Cinema

October 2017

Between Film, Video, and the Digital: Hybrid Moving Images in the Post-Media Age

April 2018
Leonardo Reviews

Words on Screen

June 2018
Leonardo Reviews

Film as Philosophy

October 2018

Movement, Action, Image, Montage: Sergei Eisenstein and the Cinema in Crisis

June 2019
Leonardo Reviews

Toward Fewer Images: The Work of Alexander Kluge, 1st Edition

October 2019
Leonardo Reviews

The Film Photonovel: A Cultural History of Forgotten Adaptations

April 2020