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Tomás García Salgado

Tenured Researcherat National Autonomous University of Mexico
Ciudad de México,
Focus area: Art History, Design, Illustration, Painting, 2D Forms, Urban Planning, Built Environment

Tomás García-Salgadohas a B.A. (1968), M.A. and Ph. D. (1981-1987) in Architecture. He is a tenured researcher in the Faculty of Architecture of UNAM (México City), and holds the distinction of ‘National Researcher, Level III’ (SNI). He has several works of architecture and urban design, as an architect. And as a researcher, he has published several articles and books on perspective; most of them presented and discussed at international conferences, events and exhibitions. Since the late 1960s he has been working in the theory and practice of perspective. In particular, he has developed a new method of perspective, called Modular Perspective; which happens to be the course name that he gives since 1994 to architecture students of his faculty, using as a textbook one of his books. Focus area: Theory, history and practice of perspective.

Journal Articles:
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April 2008
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