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Heather Spence

Marine Biologist, Musicianat Michelle's Earth Foundation
United States
Focus area: , Sound, Acoustics, Urban Planning, Built Environment, Biology, Body, Self, Cultural Practices, Social Practice, STEAM, Pedagogy, Education, Environmental Art, Eco Art, Land Art, Medicine, Physiology, Heath, , Systems, Psychology, Cognitive Studies, Performance Art, Theater Studies

Dr. Heather Spence is a marine biologist and musician on a mission to harmonize our interaction with the environment using science and art. Heather’s expertise and problem solving have extended to many areas including reducing noise pollution in dolphin habitats, predicting invasive species dispersal, assisting New England shellfish aquaculture, documenting coselection of communicatory traits, and developing new methods for studying decapod crustacea. She has designed and taught courses on animal behavior, behavioral neuroendocrinology, sensation and perception, personality, and motivation, and continues educational outreach by working as a science consultant for a video games company. Her Passive Acoustic Monitoring program on the MesoAmerican Reef and other international collaborative conservation projects she established bring scientists and artists together, creating a potent dynamic. She performs internationally as a cellist and composes music inspired by, and inspiring, conservation.

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