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Ken Eklund

Artist in game designat Writerguy
United States
Focus area: Augmented Reality, Digital Art, New Media, Games, Game Design, Gaming, Net Art, Site Specific, Place Making, Virtual Reality, Writing, Literature, Poetry

Ken’s art focuses on creating imaginative spaces for people’s minds to play in, informed by a former gig as a storyteller in the game industry. He’s assembled teams to create audio experiences that explore history, art, science, and culture within intriguing fictional frameworks. 
His interests and research include the persuasive and transformational effects of immersive and participatory storymaking and exploring real-world issues and imagining positive futures through emergent narrative. He recently was Visiting Artist at the School for the Future of Innovation in Society at Arizona State University. 
Ken's the creator of World Without Oil (2007), Ed Zed Omega (2012), FutureCoast (2014-7), and other authentic fictions; he also created or co-created the immersive urban street games Zorop (2010) and Ruination (2014), and the geolocated adventure games Giskin Anomaly (2010-2), Rogue Squirrelbot (2015) and Abundant Future (2018-9). While at ASU, he was a principal contributing artist for the immersive work Luna City 2175 for EMERGE, its festival of futures (2018), and reimagined it for Meet Luna City, an interactive work presented at the 2018 Interplanetary Festival. He lives in Oregon.

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