Itsuo Sakane


Itsuo Sakane was born in Tsingtao, China, in 1930. In 1934 he went back to Japan with his parents. Learned Architecture at Tokyo University, and became a journalist from 1956 till 1990, covered the field of art, science, and technology as a staff writer for the Asahi Shimbun. After retired from the Asahi, he became a professor at SFC of the Keio University from 1990 till 1996. Then organized the IAMAS of two schools; International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences (1996) and Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (2001) at Ogaki, Gifu. Retired from both schools in 2003, and became the Emeritus President of IAMAS. Since then he has been working as an essayist and critic in the field of media art and culture at his home. Was an International Co-Editor from 1985 till 1995, and then has been an Honorary Editor till now.
Sakane has published many books on his critics and essays based on his travels and interviews in the field between art and science. He has organized many exhibitions in these boundary fields as a director and a chief curator. His major publications include: "The Coordinate of Beauty", "Museum of Fun", "Katachi Mandala: Thinking through Seeing", "The Passage of Image", "Between Art and Science", and "Expanded Dimension – Beyond the Conflict between Art and Science". Major exhibitions he organized include: "World of Holography", "Museum of Fun I, II", "Arts for Light & Illusion", "Invitation to Interactive Art at Kanagawa Science-Park, 1989", "Phenomena-art" 1989, "Science-Art Gallery at Japan Pavilion in Expo '92","Archaeology of Media – Paul DeMarinis" and “Sensitive Chaos” 1997, "Biennale of Interaction '95, '97, '99,'01", "The Interactive Art Exhibition-Dialogue with Light and Shadow" 2003,.
His commissioned works include: "Japanese Artists" section for ELECTRA, Paris,1983; "Robot Sculpture: Sentimental Machine Exhibition", Avignon, 1986; "Exhibition for Invited French Artists: Les Artistes Français Au Japon", 1988.