Janis Jefferies

United Kingdom

Janis Jefferies is Professor of Visual Arts and Artistic Director of Goldsmiths Digital Studios, Goldsmiths, University of London, New Cross, London SE14 6AF, UK.
GDS is dedicated to collaborations among practicing artists, cultural and media theorists, and innovators in computational media, who together are developing new understanding of the interactions between art, technology and society. She convenes the first practice based MFA and PhD programmes in Computational Studio Arts and Technology in the University.
Jefferies is Associate Research Fellow with Hexagram (Institute of Media, Arts and Technologies, Montreal, Canada) on two funded projects, Narrative: Textiles Transmission and Translations (2004-9) and Wearable Absence (2006-2009). Textile Transmissions and Translations is a research project that will take advantage of the ability of fabric to impart meaning through material and electronic languages, by combining a creative approach to the textile arts with technical innovations in circuitry and wireless transmissions; exploring ubiquitous computing, mobility and interactivity through the introduction of electronic devices into fabric structures; creating animated displays on the surface of cloth, in order to extend the dynamic, narrative abilities of cloth and developing a transitional space in which meanings are altered and textiles are invigorated into new patterns of discovery.
Publications include, ÎArtist as researchers in a computer mediated culture,â ed. Dr. Charlie Gere for Digital Research in the Arts and Humanities, and Interfaces of Performance, co-editor for Digital Arts Research and the Humanities, Ashgate publishers Winter, 2009.
Professor of Visual Arts
Associate Pro Warden Culture and Creative Industries
Postgraduate Convenor PHD Arts and Computational Technology
Co-curator of the Hangzhou Triennial of Fiber Art 2013, Zhejiang Art Museum, Hangzhou, China