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  • LABS ID: 4211
    Sherman, Robert "Project knole: An Autocosmic Approach To AuthoringResonant Computational Characters." PhD , Bath Spa University, UK, 2021
    Keywords: ai, storytelling, videogames, installation, heritage

    Abstract: Project knole, consisting of this thesis and a mixed reality installation artwork centred around a computational simulation, is a practice-based response to the question of how a character in a work of computational narrative art might maintain their defining quality of dynamic agency within a system (arguably one of the key potentials of the form), while achieving the ‘resonant’ qualities of characters in more materially-static artforms. In all aspects of this project, I explore a new methodology for achieving this balance; between the authorship of a procedural computational system, and the ability of that system to ‘resonate’ with the imagination of an audience. This methodology, which I term the ‘autocosmic’, seeks inspiration for the curation of audience response outside the obvious boundaries of artistic discipline, across the wider spectrum of human imaginative engagement; examples often drawn from mostly non-aesthetic domains. As well as defining the terms ‘resonance’ and ‘autocosmic’, and delineating my methodology more generally, this thesis demonstrates how this methodology was employed within my creative work. In particular, it shows how some of the perennial problems of computational character development might be mediated by exploring other non-aesthetic examples of imaginative, narrative engagement with personified systems. In the context of this project, such examples come from the historio-cultural relationship between human beings and the environments they inhabit, outside of formal artistic practice. From this ‘autocosmic’ launchpad, I have developed an artwork that starts to explore how this rich cultural and biological lineage of human
    social engagement with systemic place can be applied fruitfully to the development of a ‘resonant’ computational character.

    Department: Creative Writing and Human-Computer Interaction , Bath Spa University, UK
    Advisor(s): Kate Pullinger, Leon Watts