José-Carlos Mariátegui

José-Carlos Mariátegui is a scientist (having a combined degree of Biology and Mathematics) and media art theoretician. He is the founding member of Alta Tecnología Andina (, a not-for-profit organization for the development and research of artistic and scientific theories in Latin America. Founded the Festival Internacional de Video/Arte/Electrónica in Lima ( He has taught, researched and published extensively on the themes of art, science, technology and society. Curator of several international exhibitions of media art such as: “Nueva/Vista: Videokunst aus Lateinamerica”; “ViaSatelite” (; “Videografias In(visibles)”
( Mariátegui acts as a node in the Tester project (, a platform of critical theory and practice of contemporary art. He is a member of the Cultural Diversity Committee of the ISEA and a corresponding editor of Leonardo Electronic Almanac. He is currently a postgraduate student of Information Systems at London School of Economics and Political Science.

London, United Kingdom