Bianka Hofmann

Bianka Hofmann studied Comparative Religion and Biology at the University of Bremen, focusing on communications of highly evolved mammals, interspecies-communication, and neurobiology of teaching and learning, writing her interdisciplinary Diploma thesis on ritualization and conducting field studies on pilot whales in the Atlantic off the Canary Islands. She is trained as a mental coach, ran her own companies, and currently works in Communications at the intersection of R&D and industry. 

Drawing on her studies' practical implications, she specializes in sharing knowledge via interactive experiences, integrating science, art, and humanities. Over the last 20 years, she has built up and expanded projects in R&D Engagement, including the production and development of content and formats for science and technology communication – for companies, universities, and research institutions – with audiences in Europe, Asia, and the US. Her passion lies in creating spaces that cultivate transdisciplinary conversation, cooperation, and co-creation, examine societally relevant topics and improve accessibility to the public through interactive and artistic approaches.

Exploration of the intersection of analog and digital reality accompanied her own SciArt projects since 2008. These began with interactive dance performances and a moving-sensitive software project, which allowed dancers (and later audiences in an accompanying exhibition) to enhance their body appearance visually, and project conscious, lively artworks onto a wall. There followed award-winning international explorations with scientists and artists in interactive and immersive experiences: several based on real medical data; another explored the fundamentals of quantum theory expressed in cultural archetypes. She designed an artist-in-residence program, mentoring the artists in the concept and production processes, and mediating the artist-scientist cooperation.

Head of Science Communication
Bremen, Germany
Focus area: Art History, Theory, Philosophy, Biology, Bio Art, Bio Engineering, Body, Anatomy, Self, STEAM, Pedagogy, Education, Psychology, Cognitive Studies, Dance, Choreography, Culture, Sociology