LEA 22:2, 2018

Leonardo Electronic Almanac, Volume 22, Issue 2

January 2018

Cybernetics Revisited

Senior Editor: Lanfranco Aceti
Editors: Candice Bancheri, Ashley Daugherty and Michael Spicher

This issue is not yet available in print. Find the articles in this issue at www.leoalmanac.org/cybernetics-revisited/.



  • Neo-Sigma: Art, Agency, and Revolution
  • The Prosthetic Experience Between Body and Technology: Investigating ‘Second Nature’ in Experimental Art Practices
  • Oh!m1gas: A Biomimetic Stridulation Environment
  • Mark Your Territory: Bridging Ownership between Real and Digital Spaces
  • Dancing With Interactive Space
  • Where the Turtles End: Materiality in a Historic Cybernetic Experiment
  • Biopoiesis: Cybernetics, Art, and Ambiguity
  • V’Oct(Ritual): The Anatomy of an Interactive Composition
  • Stress-o-stat
  • The Well Tempered City: Participation and Intervention in Sound Art
  • Neocybernetic Art: Affect and Conversation in the Animal and the Machine
  • Cybernetics of Augmentation