LEA 22:1, 2017

Leonardo Electronic Almanac, Volume 22 Issue 1

May 2017

Cloud and Molecular Aesthetics

Editors: Lanfranco Aceti, Paul Thomas and Edward Colless

This volume situates a critical discourse on the molecular data–cloud and aesthetics within contemporary experiences of art and society. It reflects varied perceptions and current thinking by artists, curators, scientists, and theorists in comprehending the appropriation and colonization of the cloud. The cloud can be seen as a veiling of information, where it becomes clouded, foggy, fuzzy, obscure, or secretive as well as a (re)distribution of data when it condenses, blooms, and accretes into aesthetic, socio-political, technological, and scientific atmospheric contexts.

This issue is not yet available in print. Find the articles in this issue at www.leoalmanac.org/cloud-and-molecular-aesthetics/



  • An Analysis of Individual Components in Larger Systems


  • Wet Me: Cupio Dissolvi ad Nubes et Lumina
  • Capture the Rapture
  • Black Noise
  • Notes for Atmospheric-Making
  • The Studio as Cloud
  • Fathom: Surfaces, Symmetries, Arrivals, and Departures
  • All That Is Solid: Speculative, Quantum, and Cognitive Aesthetics of Telepathy and Telekinesis
  • Infra-mince and the Poetics of Gas: Liner Notes, Vinyl Records, and the Difference that Makes a Difference
  • The Renascence of the Sensual in a Vivacious World
  • Art Between Synthetic Biology and Biohacking: Searching for Media Adequacy in the Epistemological Turn
  • The Aesthetic Paradoxes of Visualizing the Networked Image
  • Digesting Wetlands: Cooking and Eating Across Species
  • Visualizing Traces of the Urban Flâneur with Computer Vision and Generative Digital Media
  • Thoughtography: From Out the Great Darkness
  • A Framework for Cloud Aesthetics in Mixed-Realities
  • Neuroaesthetics, Medicine, and Art Representation
  • Collapse: Clouds of Affective Dust
  • The Resonance of the Document: Material Exchange, Assemblage, and the Productive Archive
  • The Shifting Power of Clouds and Molecular Aesthetics
  • For Dust Thou Art
  • Sight, Insight, and Out of Sight: From Light as Information to Colour as World
  • The Molecular Elusive
  • “…but the clouds…” Being a Valediction Permitting Mourning, in Three Stages of Decline
  • The Event as Market
  • Cloud Mapping Project (Cloud Room)