LEA Volume 19, Issue 4: Live Visuals
386 pages

Leonardo Electronic Almanac, Volume 19, Issue 3

July 2013

Live visuals have become a pervasive component of our contemporary lives; either as visible interfaces that re-connect citizens and buildings overlaying new contextual meaning or as invisible ubiquitous narratives that are discovered through interactive actions and mediating screens. The contemporary re-design of the environment we live in is in terms of visuals and visualizations, software interfaces and new modes of engagement and consumption. This LEA volume presents a series of seminal papers in the field, offering the reader a new perspective on the future role of Live Visuals.


  • When Moving Images Become Alive!
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  • Revisiting Cinema: Exploring The Exhibitive Merits Of Cinema From Nickelodeon Theatre To Immersive Arenas Of Tomorrow
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