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Virtual Art and Artists

Compiled by Frank Popper. E-mail: fpopper@club-internet. fr


For the bibliography and its companion list of artists of my book devoted to Virtual Art, I have chosen writings and web-sites that are likely to suscitate further reading and research on the three leading ideas elaborated in it. The first concerns the hypothesis that contemporary Virtual Art can be considered as a new and refined version of Technological Art with its emphasis on interactivity, its humanization of technology and its multisensorial outlook. The second tries to emphasize the wide range and diversity of the works and itineraries of artists practising virtuality, while the third alludes to the fact that these artists apart from, or rather linked with aesthetic finalities pursue also goals which at first sight appear as being of a scientific or social order, but are in fact also concerned with basic human needs and drives.

In trying to limit this vast field I have selected for my bibliography mainly items that are concerned with aesthetic issues topical since the early 1990s. On the other hand, although the majority of the texts mentioned are in English, I have tried to include a few entries in other languages.
-- Frank Popper


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